E.FLO Collection

Do you have some E.FLO Art? If so, take a picture of where it lives, shoot, take a picture with it and email, tag or text it to me. Since you collect my work and take time to frame, hang or stick, I want to collect your love. I’ve started a E.FLO Collection on my site ( http://eflo-art.com/collection/ ) to display all the beautiful photos that you have sent me. This collection is as special as my pogs collection when I was a kid, no, my Thundercats and TMNT action figures collection, no, bigger. My Shoe and video game collection which includes Fifa 91′-15′, Golden Eye, Mario karts, Sonics… you get the picture. LOL.
Thank you in super advance and go check out where the collection stands now! Some of your photos and words have already made the wall.

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