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Growing up during the best years of Rap, 90’s, I was a full Pac fan but also loved me some Biggie, Wu, Outkast, Tribe, De La, Snoop and many, many more. Pac had a way of rapping that made you feel what he rapped. So much passion for his craft, something we don’t find much these days. Till this day, if I so happen to stumble on a Pac song on the radio, I listen to it. Regardless of it’s California Love or Dear Mama, his music reminds me of the great days of Rap and from time to time, a little E.Flo with his walkman (aged myself) walking the streets.

It’s been quite a ride this last decade of music and for the most part, I’ve started to tail off Hip Hop and move more into other genres of music because of the lack of substance that Hip Hop provides these days. Sad, but true.


What’s your favorite 2Pac song?

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